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ALS Love Stories

These are tales of those who we have loved, and lost because of ALS. Because of ALS we will not stop until we find a cure and no one else will have to lose someone they love, or watch them suffer without being able to do anything to help.
Please contact us to add your loved one's ALS story.
Albert Lam

Written by his daughter, Lolo Lam

My dad was diagnosed with ALS at age 59; his brutal battle with ALS only lasted for one year.

ALS took away a loving husband; a hard working father who provided for his family, and a great friend that showed empathy and cherished his friendships.

My dad was brave, funny and full of life. 


Let’s fight together! I urge you to join a team, to donate to a friend, to participate in events, and to educate your community about ALS. Please do whatever you can to FIGHT FOR A CURE.

Lolo's story about her dad Albert is not over.

Stay tuned for more from Lolo.

Join us on Saturday, June 10 at the Intentional Walk for ALS to meet and be inspired by Lolo!

Albert before his ALS diagnosis

My dad’s fight is over, but mine is not.

I miss my dad dearly. Fundraising and volunteering is a way for me to connect. It’s something that I can do!  I sincerely believe in ALS Double Play’s philosophy, until we find a cure can we end this devastating disease and end the suffering of people affected by ALS.

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