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Dr. Agnes Lau

Christopher Chiu Fellow for ALS research 2020-2023

Dr. Lau is deeply honoured and thankful to be the recipient of the Christopher Chiu Fellowship, which is supporting her post-doctoral work in Professor Janice Robertson's lab. The fellowship will allow her to work on projects that will contribute to knowledge and understanding about ALS, so that effective treatment can be found.

Dr. Lau is a molecular biologist/biochemist by training and obtained her PhD from the University of Alberta. She has received further training in Switzerland and the United States, with all her work focusing on the nature of neurodegenerative diseases.


Dr. Lau says, "ALS is such a devastating disease and I hope to apply the skills I have obtained thus far to the field to make a difference."

Currently Dr. Lau is working to discover and understand interactors of TDP-43 and its shorter form TDP-35. Since TDP-43 pathology is found in over 95% of ALS cases, learning more about this protein and how it functions is crucial to understanding how ALS occurs, so that treatments can be identified.


We congratulate Dr. Agnes Lau and welcome her to the team! We are certain she will help us make ALS history. 

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