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We've got lots of different ways you can show your support of ALS research! In addition to attending our events, or making a donation, you can also purchase our merchandise. Proceeds will go toward the Christopher Chiu Fellowship for ALS research at the University of Toronto. From 2021 to 2024, we are supporting Dr. Paul McKeever.

New Fall 2023 sweatshirts

sand crewneck.png
red hoodie.png
green crewneck.png

Fall 2022 sweatshirts

green hoodie.png
black full zip.png
grey hoodie.png
maroon hoodie.png
tote bag.png
23 Fall - IG (Instagram Post).jpg


Sizing is unisex for the hoodies. See sizing chart right.

2023 Fall Sweatshirts (Sand/Green crewnecks & Red hoody)

Make ALS history on chest
ALS Double Play logo on left arm

$50 each plus shipping or two for $90 plus shipping

2022 Fall Sweatshirts (Black Fullzip & Green/Grey/Maroon hoodies)

Full zip hoodie has full embroidery on the left chest with "make ALS history" and the 
ALS Double Play logo on the left arm. This is only available in black.
Full zip hoodie is $60 plus shipping or two for $110 plus shipping.

The maroon, grey, and green hoodies have a screen print of the ALS Double Play

logo on the left chest and "make ALS history" on the back.
These hoodies are $35 each plus shipping or $95 for three.


To order:

Please email us at or click on envelope icon below.
In the subject line mention "merchandise"
In your email, tell us what you're looking for, how many, what size and where we're shipping to.
Thanks so much for your support!

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