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  • Cherrie-Marie Chiu

The return of the Purple Carpet

On Thursday May 7, we held our second Purple Carpet Event at the Markham Cineplex and VIP theatre. We screened the film Sandra Bullock 2009 film, The Blindside. We liked the connection of the film to ALS Double Play’s mission and vision.

The Blindside is not just a film about football, it is film about what happens when one woman decides to take a chance on one young person and not only changes his world, but changes the lives of an entire community.

ALS Double Play was started because of one young person with ALS. Through fundraising we will make a difference in the lives of people who live with ALS and their families.

We also proudly screened the short film, My Son, Christopher.

The film is centered on Christopher Chiu and his mother Alicia and their struggle, as Christopher lives with ALS. We thank our sponsors The Remington Group, Foody Mart and John and Lori McAuley for their generous sponsorship of this film. We will make the film available for wide release in the fall of 2016.

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