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An Evening of Gratitude

At ALS Double Play, our mission revolves around community, support, and progress in the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Recently, we had the privilege of hosting an Evening of Gratitude at the Tanz Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases, an event that epitomized the essence of our organization. This evening was a testament to the power of unity, shared experiences, and the unwavering commitment of our donors, supporters, and researchers.


Gathered among friends, community members, and esteemed members of the ALS research lab, led by the brilliant Dr. Janice Robertson, we felt the collective strength of our shared purpose. In particular, we were honoured to welcome Dr. Paul McKeever, our current Christopher Chiu Fellow for ALS research, whose dedication and expertise continue to drive advancements in understanding and treating this complex disease. For those of you interested in the chat Dr. McKeever and Cherrie had earlier this year regarding his new findings. Please click here.


The heart of the evening was illuminated by a poignant, personal story shared by Deborah Bailis, whose heartfelt recounting of her mother Brigitte's journey with ALS touched us all deeply. Through her words, Brigitte's spirit and resilience became a beacon of inspiration, reinforcing our resolve to press forward in the pursuit of a cure.


Gratitude permeated every aspect of the evening, from the generosity of the ALS research lab in providing refreshments to the delectable spread courtesy of the Bailis family's bakeries, St. Urbain Bagel. These gestures of kindness and support served as a reminder of the invaluable partnerships forged in our collective pursuit of a world free from ALS.


As we reflect on this memorable evening, we extend our sincerest thanks to all who attended and contributed to its success. Your presence, your stories, and your unwavering support fuel our determination to make a difference. In the spirit of raising awareness for ALS, we encourage each attendee to share their experience with at least one person, spreading the message of hope and solidarity far and wide.


For those unable to join us, we invite you to explore the highlights of the evening through the attached links, including Dr. McKeever's enlightening talk, Deborah Bailis's moving presentation, and a gallery of photos capturing the essence of our gathering. Together, let us continue to amplify our efforts, rallying support, and forging connections as we navigate the path forward in the fight against ALS.


We look forward to once again seeing familiar faces and new friends alike at our upcoming events, united in our shared commitment to turning the tide against ALS. Until then, we will carry forward the spirit of gratitude and community that defines us knowing that together, we will make ALS history.

Below are just some photos of the evening. To view all event photos click here.

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