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Random Acts of Kindness!

1. Choose your favourite small business and leave a positive review or share a post.

2. Choose a friend and celebrate them for a whole day, kind of like a birthday but random!

3. Deliver a meal to a senior – either by yourself or using a food delivery app.

4. Write a short poem for someone.

5. Leave a basket of sweets or drinks at your door for delivery people.

6. Give a stranger a compliment.

7. Call or text a family member you haven’t seen a while.

8. Say “I’m sorry” when you need to.

9. Leave a nice comment on your friend’s social media post.

10. Tell someone you love them.

11. Say “Have a nice day” and mean it.

12. Send a handwritten thank you note.

13. Donate to a local food pantry.

14. Shovel snow for a neighbour.

15. Make breakfast in bed for a family member.

16. Send someone a care package.

17. Don’t expect anything in return.

18. Pay for someone’s coffee.

19. Give blood or become an organ donor, or both!

20. Let someone go in front of you in line.

21. Say thank you whenever you can.

22. Don’t send that annoyed email.

23. Leave a nice note on a colleague’s desk or email them.

24. Give time to someone who needs it.

25. Be kind to yourself.

We are rounding the corner to one year in quarantine. Our lives have shifted immensely in this time. We miss dinners out, movie popcorn, amusement parks, and simply getting together with friends! One thing for sure though, we can always use a reminder of the good in the world. Did you know that this week is Random Acts of Kindness week? Who knew?!

So, we’ve compiled a short list of some of our favourite random acts of kindness that you might want to try. You may also want to share them with your kids, nieces, nephews, or grandkids. It may be fun to virtually try some of the ideas together.

Living with ALS can be tough. Living with ALS during a pandemic, well, it sucks. You’re sick and now there are further fears of your caregivers potentially making you sick, you can’t go out, your friends and family can’t visit… It’s a difficult time.

We’ve also listed a few things you can do to help the ALS community and us! We hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Keep your heads up, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel and we hope to see you in person as soon as it’s safe!

Random Acts of Kindness for the ALS Community & ALS Double Play

1. Share an ALS Double Play social media post.

2. Write a note of encouragement for someone living with ALS (send to us to share with someone or post it on social media).

3. Tell someone about the work ALS Double Play does.

4. Write a note of encouragement for a someone who is a caregiver of someone with ALS (or any caregiver).

5. Register to participate in ALS Double Play’s Fiesta for a Cure event on March 3. Or register someone you know who would love to participate.

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