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Things We Love

ALS Double Play loves that you are our friend and supporter. We wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. In honour of Valentine’s Day we asked some of our friends to share things they love. We hope you enjoy.

Jeffery – Donor

3 vacation things: Work, Save, Travel, Repeat

3 food/restaurant things: Pizza, Margherita pizza, Oven Baker Pizza

3 random things: Cars, Traveling, Raptors

3 books/tv/movie things: Gone in 60 seconds, Bachelor, Dear Basketball

3 ALS things: Christopher Chiu, Dr. Janice Robertson, Tanz Centre for Research

Lin – Volunteer, ALS Double Play

3 vacation things - Cocktail, Beach, Sunglasses

3 food things - Pancake, Dim Sum, Steak

3 random things - Smoothies, Heels, Hand cream

3 books/tv/movie things - Gone Girl, Why Women Killed, Gone with the Wind

3 ALS things – Volunteering for ALS Double Play, June is ALS Awareness Month, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Agnes – Christopher Chiu Fellow

3 vacation things: sun, hiking, exploring

3 food/restaurant things: ice cream, chocolate, brunch

3 random things: soccer, cookies, dogs

3 books/tv/movie things: Stranger Things, The Martian, Avengers

3 ALS things: western blots, neurons, discovery (Western blot is a technique to help us study proteins. You can separate the proteins and visualize them)

Alex – Treasurer, ALS Double Play

3 vacation things - sunshine, beaches, cocktails

3 food/restaurant things - a great steak, all day breakfast, dessert

3 random things - dogs, naps, summer storms

3 books/tv/movie things - popcorn, sci-fi, plot twists

3 ALS things - hope, passion, fighting for a cure

Alicia – President, ALS Double Play

3 vacation things: Paris, Disney Cruise, Austria

3 food/restaurant things: Bread, Desserts, Pasta

3 random things:dining out, visits with brothers & sisters, travel

3 books/tv/movie things: Funny movies, Love stories, James Bond movies

3 ALS things: University of Toronto ALS Lab, Finding a cure for ALS, Fundraising for ALS

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