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Volunteers help make ALS history!

Each April reminds us of the power of volunteers. From neighbourhood cleanups to the very timely driving of seniors to vaccination clinics, volunteers have the ability to shape our world.

At ALS Double Play we have been blessed to have volunteers who return to help us year after year, event after event. They are hard working, positive, and their enthusiasm is ever present. They are the ones who check you into the our annual walk or make sure you sign your waiver at our beach volleyball event. They make sure you find the FREE food and help you take those group photos.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. We have students, seniors, family members and friends. We have people who have experienced an ALS loss, and those who just want to help the community. To all our volunteers, we say thank you.

Thank you for your positivity!

Thank you for your creativity!

Thank you for your determination!

Thank you for sharing your skills!

Thank you for your loyalty!

Thank you for your time!

Our small but mighty little ALS charity is like the little engine that could. We will continue to make a dent in the fight to make ALS history and we can only do it with the help of others.

We hope everyone has remained safe throughout COVID19. We look forward to the day where we can return to our in person events once again. When we get there, we’ll need the help of our trusty volunteers again. Whether you’ve volunteered for us before or want to join the volunteer team for the first time, you are welcome!

In the meantime, we salute all our volunteers! Happy Volunteer Week!

Stay safe everyone!

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