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  • Cherrie-Marie Chiu

Designing Space for people living with ALS

Recently one of our friends, a teacher at Unionville High School, asked if she might include an ALS patient as a virtual client for her Interior Design Class.

What a great (awareness) idea!

The students sent a number of questions about daily living needs, space needs, specific needs for machinery, etc. The result was a visually appealing and highly useable space for both the person living with ALS and their caregiver.

One of the things that becomes difficult with ALS is the number of changes, and the rapid changes your body goes through throughout the disease. This means ever changing needs, from a cane to a wheelchair, to supports in the bathroom and ramps into the home. Putting some forethought into these potential changes may help make these transitions a little easier.

We applaud the hard work of the two students. We think the design is awesome! We also hope they learned a little about ALS and shared that knowledge with their fellow classmates too.

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